Festival Gadgets

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  1. Viking Beer Bong 67 cm
    In stock

    The Viking Beer Bong 67 cm is a product suited for everyone who enjoys drinking Beer or Cider. Recommended by PartyVikings - World’s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 25.90
  2. Viking Beer Bong 100 cm
    In stock

    As every other good things that are made, a number two is a must! The Classic Beer Bong but in 100 cm. World’s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 27.90
  3. Beerstick
    In stock

    The beer bong collection has got a new member in the family, the Beerstick. This is the new and fun way to drink a beer in under 2 seconds. - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 18.90
    BongZilla Beer Bong
    In stock

    BongZilla Beer Bong is a famous 6-headed Beer Bong that has newly entered the PartyVikings webshop. - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 90.90
  5. Funnel Beer Bong
    In stock

    The funnel beer bong that makes everyone nostalgic! This has been used by for generations by all ages, which means that this is the giant of the past! 

    £ 7.90
  6. Frisbee Beer Bowling
    In stock

    Frisbee beer bowling is a fun game that provides entertainment and movement. The new way to play beer bowling!

    £ 27.90
  7. Funky-Flunky Sæt
    Available on 6. Jun

    Funky-Flunky is the ultimate drinking game to play in the garden at night.

    £ 40.90
  8. Beer Bowling Set
    Available on 27. May

    With this kit you ensure the whole camp's ultimate festival games. What is a summer garden party without this set?

    Buy your own beer bowling set right here

    £ 13.90
  9. Beer Shotgun Keychain
    In stock

    This cool Shotgun keychain is easy to bring along because of its size. Put it in your key bundle and you will always be ready for a quick beer or to challenge your friends. 

    £ 3.50
  10. Beer shotgun keychain gold
    In stock

    This cool shotgun keychain is a deluxe version of our classic shotgun shooter, but it's still easy to carry with you, so you'll always be prepared for a quick beer or to challenge your friends.

    £ 7.50
  11. Alcohol smuggler
    In stock

    The Alcohol smuggler is a gadget that provides you with an opportunity to hide alcohol and bring it into places where it is not allowed.

    £ 3.50
  12. Hip flask 200 ml.
    In stock

    Hip container made of stainless steel - Good style to the Party Animals who always want the best liquor on them.

    £ 7.90
  13. Bracelet Hip Flask
    In stock

    Ideal product to hide alcohol or just have it with you on the go.

    £ 14.90
  14. Hairbrush hip flask
    Available on 7. Jun

    Smuggle alcohol into places where you are not allowed to bring that! The hairbrush works both as a regular brush but also as an alcohol smuggler!

    £ 15.90
  15. Party horn
    Available on 30. May

    If you want to get all the attention and make crowds go crazy, this Party Horn would be the perfect investment for you!

  16. 13
    Available on 27. May

    The Megaphone is a really fun gadget for many different occasions. To the festival, bachelor parties, stag party etc.

    £ 39.90
    £ 34.90
  17. 22
    Beer Hat - ultimate beer helmet
    In stock

    Are you bored of carrying beer in your hands or are you constantly scared it will spill all over you or other people?

    £ 8.90
    £ 6.90
  18. 16
    Beer belt
    Available on 27. May

    This Beer belt is made to contain 6 Beers at once. A nice American inspired Beer belt with a old school look.

    £ 12.90
    £ 10.90
  19. Cartridge Shots Belt
    In stock

    This belt is the ultimate party starter! Easy to wear and perfect when you want to share shots with your friends. Don't miss out!

    £ 11.90
  20. Viking Shot Bong
    In stock

    Shots should be downed through a Viking Shot Bong. It has never been easier to drink shots. - World's leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 16.90