What is better than celebrating the love for beer than drinking ‘Direkt vom Fass!’ as they would say in Germany? Check out our Oktoberfest costume ideas, decorations and some Oktoberfest party ideas and games.

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    Oktoberfest Beer Hat
    In stock

    Oktoberfest Beer Hat is a must-have gadget for Oktoberfest. You might love beers, so why dont dress like one. Don't miss it out!

    £ 16.90
    £ 13.90
  2. Beer Sunglasses
    In stock

    Beer Sunglasses to Oktoberfest, Aprs Ski or just for you who LOVES Beer! Pift up your outfit with these funny sunglasses.

    £ 5.50
  3. Frozen Beer Mug
    In stock

    Is there anything better than an ice-cold beer? We don't think so. That's why we have this super cool Beer mug called Frozen Beer Mug.

    £ 8.50
  4. Shot glass holder - wood
    In stock

    A holder for shot glasses is definitely a must-have for the home bar when serving friends!

    £ 15.90
  5. Plastic shotglass
    Available on 27. Oct

    Are you missing shot glasses for your next party? Buy transparent shot glass here so you can see the colorful shots slide down! These are a must have for any party.

    £ 2.50
    Hit The Nail Set Stainless Steel
    In stock

    Hit the nail is a real classic which provides the right 'Afterski' atmosphere! Everyone can play this came and also ensures a healty competition. 

    £ 101.90
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    Hammer and nails game
    In stock

    A drinking game that is as simple as it can be. Turn your nails in faster than the others and you have won. An absolutely classic drinking game, which often are used both indoors and outdoors.

    £ 39.90
    £ 28.90
  8. Nail 13 cm, 140x
    In stock

    Nails 13 cm is the perfect size for the tree stump. Challenge your friends in this fun game and find out who is the best, with a hammer in his hands!

    £ 27.90
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    Nail 16 cm, 110x
    In stock

    This 16 cm nail is a perfect size to use in the tree stump. The perfect length if you and you're friends prefer a longer game and are ready to use some extra powers. 

    £ 39.90
    £ 30.90
    Stainless Steel Hammer
    In stock

    This stainless steel hammer is perfect for 'hit the nail'. The game is known by most people and is also a fun party competition. 

    £ 90.90
  11. Opener with cap collector
    In stock

    Hang the ingenious opener on the wall and let the net collect all the capsules from tonight's cool party. A hit for you who want to save time on the cleanup.

    £ 22.90
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    Shoulder Cooler Bag
    In stock

    With our shoulder cooler bag you'll have a easy and elegant way to bring your chilled cans.

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    £ 8.50
  13. Champagne Bowl
    In stock

    Robust and stylish champagne bowl made of stainless steel.

    £ 44.90
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    Beer Shotgun Keychain
    In stock

    This cool Shotgun keychain is easy to bring along because of its size. Put it in your key bundle and you will always be ready for a quick beer or to challenge your friends. 

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    £ 4.50
  15. Smart Can Opener
    In stock

    Smart Can Opener is easy to bring on the go and secures a comfortable way to drink a can.

    £ 8.50
  16. Viking Extreme beer bong 67 cm ®
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    This Beer Bong is best suited for people who want to cut down the drinking time and wish to win every competition - World’s leading Beer Bong supplier!

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  17. Viking Extreme Beer Bong 100 cm
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    The Viking Extreme Beer Bong 100 cm is the biggest and the best Beer Bong yet, with a technology that optimizes both the capacity and the speed - Recommended by Thebeerbong.co.uk

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  18. Viking Beer Bong 67 cm
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    The Viking Beer Bong 67 cm is a product suited for everyone who enjoys drinking Beer or Cider. Recommended by PartyVikings - World’s leading Beer Bong supplier!

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  19. Funnel Beer Bong Deluxe
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    Funnel Beer Bong Deluxe - Like in every other product group, there must be a Deluxe version. TheTragt ølbong Deluxe - ligesom i alle andre varetyper, så skal der være en Deluxe-udgave. Check it out!

    £ 11.90
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    Dildo Beer Bong
    In stock

    Pink Funnel Beer Bong with a little twist. You drink from a Dildo and not just an ordinary hose.

    World's leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 22.90
    £ 17.90


Oktoberfest is an old German tradition which is more than 200 years old, and as the name indicates, Oktoberfest is a party that is held in October. But we do not see a problem with celebrating the love of beer all year. Therefore, we have some great ideas to how you can have a theme party like this - also in February! That is exactly why we have extended our selection of Oktoberfest party props. Now we offer, among other thing, German clothing for males, fancy Oktoberfest dress’ for women, Beer Mugs and different beer gifts. 

Beer Pong is highly underestimated as it is often forgotten at these theme parties! With that being said, it is a game EVERYBODY wants to pay at a party. Remember that when seeing our Beer Pong Table and Beer Pong Set, which guarantees hours of great entertainment. Simultaneously, it is a game people of all ages can play - both men and women! 


Obviously, you must get the correct Oktoberfest outfit, which can be found at this page. If you are a man, take a look at our nice Oktoberfest costume with quality Lederhosen. The deluxe lederhosen mens outfit is our Deluxe Lederhosen for the Tyrolean party - a set we would recommend.

We also offer a selection of Tyrolean dresses for ladies, to complete the traditional Oktoberfest outfit. Take a look at the Tyrolean dress in a shorter version with sewn apron. 

Once you are in the original Oktoberfest outfit, you will get the feeling that you have come to the right place. So, get the Bavarian themed party going, and have an amazing party!

There is no doubt about that the Beer Helmet is a perfect match for this type of celebration as well. Buy a Beer Helmet and you are guaranteed two beers on top all the time. In addition, you drink hands-free, when you for example sit and throw dices.


In Munich people really understand to boost the autumn with Oktoberfest! There are huge tents with hundreds of thousands of people attending these parties. Everyone is in a good mood and ready to drink Beers all night. It is a part of the culture that we adapted in the rest of Europe and it is a fantastic development. Theme parties are in some way always the parties that you remember in a good way! Remember to do as our German friends; Cool Costumes and funny Gadgets!

Prepare yourself with all the things that make your evening more fun and legendary! Always remember to look through PartyVIkings before your next theme party, get inspiration and see our offers.