Bottle Beer Bong

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Available on 27. May

This device provides you with an easy and fancy way to drink a beer! The Bottle Beer Bong is suited for bottled drinks only! - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

Available on 27. May
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Product Details
Bottle Beer Bong
Beer Bong for bottle
Soft plastic
12,5 cm
Fits all bottles


  • Buy the Bottle Beer Bong here
  • Place the hose into the bottle
  • Place the Beer Bong over the head of the bottle
  • Place your index finger over the tube on the Beer Bong
  • Start drinking of the Bottle Beer Bong, and loosen your finger

This is a class supplement to the Beer Bongs for the Festival or the Garden Party. The Bottle Beer Bong is almost as fast as the Funnel Beer Bong when it comes to drinking beer.

The Technology behind is simple: By placing the tube inside the bottle, air will be added and allows the beer to flow out. By doing this, you antagonize the classic swashings that normally happen when a bottle is turned upside down.

This Bottle Beer Bong is perfect for drinking bottle beer and bottle cider. It’s perfect for a Festival, Bachelor Party, Garden Party and Birthday Party. A smart way to get the beers down fast. 

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