Oktoberfest costumes


Oktoberfest is a famous and German tradition with a lot of beer. Luckily a tradition that dissipates to the rest of the world. On this site find some authentic Tyrolean clothing, so you can get in a real Oktoberfest mood. 

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  1. Tyrolean Dress Women
    In stock

    This is the original Tyrolean Dress which has been worn by German ladies to countless celebrations. So if you are going to a theme party for example Okctoberfest or Tyrolean theme party this dress is a must-have!

    £ 31.90
  2. Tyrolean Dress Ladies
    In stock

    Tyrolean dress in a shorter version with sewn apron. Perfect and nice outfit for the girl at the next theme party.

    £ 33.90
  3. Oktoberfest dress Heidi
    In stock

    Oktoberfest dress for the theme parties prettiest Heidi! Elegant and original Tyrollean dress of good quality. Thebeerbong.co.uk recommends this.

    £ 44.90
  4. Tyrolean Dress Men
    Available on 28. Sep

    The perfect costume for the facetious men, who won't setlle for a normal costume! An unbelievable funny costume for the theme party - why not stand out from the crowd? 

    £ 33.90
  5. Tyrolean Günter
    In stock

    Tyrolean parties are now a part of the most common celebrations. See for yourself on our own Tyrolean Günter.

    £ 30.90
  6. Oktoberfest Costume Men
    In stock

    If you want to be as cool as Tyrolean Hansi for your next Theme party or Oktoberfest, you have the chance here!

    £ 32.90
  7. Oktoberfest Lederhosen Deluxe
    In stock

    Oktoberfest Lederhosen Deluxe with quality Lederhosen made of Suede - for you, who wants the real deal! PartyVikings recommends this.

    £ 56.90
    Tyrolean Lederhosen
    In stock

    Tyrolean Lederhosen (trousers) in the best quality. Are you in need of some Tyrolean Lederhosen trausers, for your next party, buy the best one here!

    £ 59.90
  9. Oktoberfest Knee-Highs
    In stock

    If you want to look like a true Tyrolean for the next German Oktoberfest or theme party then these knee-highs will do the job and your costume will be complete! 

    £ 5.50
  10. Oktoberfest shirt
    In stock

    Oktoberfest shirt in the classical red- & white checkered edition in high quality. It fits every Tyrollean party with jodling in the German and Austrian alps.

    £ 16.90
  11. 18
    Oktoberfest Beer Hat
    In stock

    Oktoberfest Beer Hat is a must-have gadget for Oktoberfest. You might love beers, so why dont dress like one. Don't miss it out!

    £ 16.90
    £ 13.90
  12. Oktoberfest Hat
    In stock

    Oktoberfest hat is an incredibly fun, cool and new gadget that makes your Oktoberparty funnier. We recommend this hat to top your Oktoberfest costume.

    £ 14.90
  13. Photo Booth Props Oktoberfest
    In stock

    Create some fun party memories with these props for the theme party pictures. A fun addition to any party.

    £ 4.50
  14. Oktoberfest Sash
    In stock

    Do you want to take the step further and show that your outfit and your commitment to the next Oktoberfest are in high spirits, this is the right gadget for you! Never go down on you outfit!

    £ 4.50
  15. Oktoberfest Flag
    In stock

    Huge Oktoberfest Flag. Dont remember to be recognized at the festival or the Oktoberparty, with the one who has the biggest flag!

    £ 10.90
  16. Balloons In Optional Color 10X
    In stock

    Festive balloons in many different colors.

    £ 1.70
  17. 18
    Balloons Optional Color 100x
    In stock

    Festive balloons in many different colors. Choose your favorite and create a party.

    £ 16.90
    £ 13.90


Do you as a woman need some ideas for an Oktoberfest costume? Then you have come to the right place. On this site, you will find a wide range of Oktoberfest outfits for females. For example, you will find the fancy and official Oktoberfest dress named a Heidi dress

If you are looking for a sexier look than the Heidi dress, you will find our sexy Tyrolean dress for ladies. And to make sure that this outfit is complete and sexy enough, you will find the popular Oktoberfest knee-highs

With one of these fancy dresses, you will for sure feel sexy and start finding the real Oktoberfest mood. 


Are you as a male searching for the perfect Oktoberfest outfit? Then do not worry - You are at the right place. We want to help you find the Oktoberfest mood by helping you find the perfect Oktoberfest costume. 

As you probably already know, one of the most important parts of men’s Oktoberfest outfit is the lederhosen. But are you looking for a complete set, you will find this as well. For example, you will find the Oktoberfest costume for men, which includes both authentic lederhosen, an authentic Tyrolean hat, a shirt and socks. 

After having a look at this site with costumes, it will not be easier for you to attend or arrange an Oktoberfest.