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    Can beer bong timer
    In stock

    Optimize your beer bong game with this beer bong timer. The beer voucher lets you empty the can quickly and with the timer you can easily see who is the fastest!

    £ 19.90
    Family Game Package
    In stock

    This family package is the ultimate fun package! We have packed it with tons of fun both indoors and outdoors! One thing's for sure it doesn't matter which game you choose - you will laugh all the way through. 

    £ 209.90
    £ 138.90
    Stay Home Package
    In stock

    The stay home package provides the right mood and hours of fun at home. Use the package at parties or on a regular week day with your friends. You don't have to go out when having this package!

    £ 169.90
    £ 109.90
    Garden Party Package
    In stock

    The ultimate garden party package which will ensure hours of fun! Create your own festival atmosphere with a beer in your hand, when cracking upen the many activities and get ready to laugh all day! No summer is complete without a garden party package! 

    £ 305.90
    £ 202.90
    Team Trip Package
    In stock

    All our bestsellers in one package! This huge box of fun will provide you and your team the right atmosphere no matter the surroundings! Don't miss out! 

    £ 427.90
    £ 311.90
    Holiday Party Package
    Out of stock

    The summer is no-way near done! Bring the party to your frontdoor and enjoy hours of fun with this package! The sky's the limit with this box of fun and laughter! 

    £ 247.90
    £ 173.90
  7. Cocktail Set
    In stock

    The Cocktail Set with everything you need. Buy this set and stay sharp to mix some delicious cocktails.

    £ 22.90
  8. Pourer
    In stock

    Buy your own pourer here and make your next party a little more sophisticated. This is a great way to pour shots or make drinks.

  9. 17
    LED Bar Sign
    In stock

    Provide the perfect atmosphere for either your next party or a specific room with this fancy LED bar sign. 

    £ 34.90
    £ 28.90
  10. Watermelon Tap
    In stock

    This watermelon tap is perfect for making your garden party or graduation extraordinary. The tap is easily attached to a hollowed out watermelon, which makes it possible to get a drink from the watermelon. 

    £ 20.90
  11. Glass Rimmer
    In stock

    The perfect cocktail needs this glass rimmer! An elegant solution which also gives to the possibility to store salt, sugar and maybe even lime slices? Everything you need to complete your favourite cocktail. 

    £ 13.90
  12. Champagne Bowl
    In stock

    Robust and stylish champagne bowl made of stainless steel.

    £ 45.90
  13. Steel Straw 4x + Cleaner
    In stock

    The steel straws has become very popular and is the perfect sustainable alternative to the classic plastic straws. 

    £ 4.50
  14. Whiskey Stones
    In stock

    Whisky Rocks are for those who want whisky, brandy, rum or something else just as it is and NOT diluted by ice cubes.

    £ 6.50
  15. Shot glass holder - wood
    In stock

    A holder for shot glasses is definitely a must-have for the home bar when serving friends!

    £ 15.90
  16. Breathalyzer (BAC)
    In stock

    The breathalyzer is the perfect gadget for revealing whether your friends are only pretending to drink while you are playing a drinking game! 

    £ 6.50
    ET 200 Breathalyzer
    In stock

    High quality breathalyzer with a prize to match! Get a precise indication of the alcohol level you and your friends have reached with this neat gadget! 


    £ 115.90
    £ 92.90
  18. Professional Alcohol Tester
    In stock

    Buy your own Professional Alcohol Tester and get an accurate indication of what you and your friends alcohol level are.

    £ 30.90
  19. Waterproof Speaker
    In stock

    Fantastic, cool Waterproof Speaker with delightful Hifi sound quality. With this waterproof speaker you dont need to get away from the water while you are hearing music.

    £ 49.90
  20. Wireless Speaker
    In stock

    Elegant Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that is easy to carry. Are you going to the beach, for a festival or just relaxing, then this speaker is perfect.

    £ 21.90


Party is in most cases always the funniest with a house DJ, fun drinking games and gadgets for the party – Hell yeah! Beer Pong is one of the most popular drinking games at the moment and rightly so! It is great fun, and you are guaranteed the whole spectrum of emotions. This is the game that never goes out of fashion and it is fun for all ages.

Beer Pong is made in several variations. Whether it is our mini beer pong version which is well made for shots, the challenging spin beer pong or the classic version for your party is completely your own decision! But one thing is for sure - We will deliver your favorite edition of the game. 


Besides Beer Pong, we offer many kinds of party drinking games such as a dice set in which you get a dice cup and five dices. With this set you can play Meyer, Cheats, etc. Are you more into games with playing cards, these are in two variations - the classic size and a XXL size that guarantees that you are able to see the cards as the alcohol in your blood starts to increase. Besides this, we have a card shuffler that makes sure that the cards are shuffled right, and the dealer is not cheating.

Other classic drinking games could be boardgames or our beer bowling set, a perfect team drinking game, which offers plenty of fun.


Beer Bongs are a big hit, and they are undoubtedly some of the most used gadgets for celebrations and parties. The reason why Beer Bongs have become so popular, is because they are a party-starter, and at the same time, it creates competitions. There is undeniably a lot of technique and skills in the process of emptying a Beer Bong quickly and therefore, over time, it becomes a sport. The phenomenon has spread, from only covering lads, to now involving young ladies in the Beer Bong drinking as well.

The Viking beerbongs are elegant and effective, but at the same time, there is a number of tiny Beer Bongs that do their job perfectly. Canned and bottled Beer Bongs attached to your beer and BOOM! Now you are ready to empty the beer. These tiny versions are incredibly effective, and you can easily empty a beer whether it is a bottle, or a can bong in 1.5-2 seconds. The record for a normal version is 1 sec.

Parties are as much about fun as it is about games! When you are playing a game, it is incredibly fun to see how quickly people get drunk. To test the exact BAC, you can buy our Professional Alcohol Tester and see it for yourself.


The Pre-party is often more fun than clubbing, but why? There exists countless of all fun gadgets that will make your party even better. We have all the party essentials right here.