Our purpose

PartyVikings was founded with the purpose and desire to make the world a more fun place to be.

We take stands on the following towards the market:

          • Our clear opinions are that entertainment and games helps to get the good vibes going and helps gather people.
          • Good and fun entertainment contributes to create memorable parties and events.
          • Fun and festive inspiration contributes to raising the overall cheer 
          • A good and safe customer service gives you the desire to return to our webshop, and even share your positive experience with your friends and family

PartyVikings is a danish founded entrepreneurship with a danish warehouse and great international ambitions. The values we work with in our company everyday is credibility, quality, service and innovation.

If you like the purpose and opinions described above, we would love to help you and your network spread some more fun and joy – we need it, especially in these times :) 

We warmly welcome you into our festive universe!