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  1. Viking Beer Bong 67 cm
    In stock

    The Viking Beer Bong 67 cm is a product suited for everyone who enjoys drinking Beer or Cider. Recommended by PartyVikings - World’s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 27.90
  2. Double Funnel Beer Bong Deluxe
    In stock

    Double funnel Beer Bong Deluxen - The biggest and strongest edition of all our funnel beer bongs. This funnel Beer Bong is for the quality conscious people. - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 18.90
  3. Bomb Shot glasses 4x
    In stock

    This is quality Bomb Shot Glasses! Bomb Shot glasses are perfect if you want a shot glass that works properly for mixing jagerbombs.

    £ 1.50
  4. 17
    Shot Dispenser Incl. 6 Shot Glasses
    In stock

    The shot dispenser is finally on the market! Pour six shots at the same time in an effective and cool fashion! Each shot has a number - roll the dice and drink the shot that matches the eyes of the dice. 

    £ 34.90
    £ 28.90
  5. Spin The Bottle
    In stock

    Spin the bottle, gives your party a fun twist! Challenge your friends with questions, consequences or shots - or just play a game where anyone can paticipate and the loser must take a shot! 

    £ 6.50
  6. Shots Dispenser With Arrow
    In stock

    Who needs to drink a shot? Find out who is the lucky one with this Shot Dispenser with Arrow.

    £ 16.90
  7. Adjustable Table Tennis Net
    In stock

    This Adjustable Table Tennis Net gives you the opportunity to challange your friends in a game of table tennis anywhere, anytime!

    £ 15.90
  8. 29
    Shoulder Cooler Bag
    In stock

    With our shoulder cooler bag you'll have a easy and elegant way to bring your chilled cans.

    £ 11.90
    £ 8.50
  9. Foldable bottle holder
    In stock

    Do you have to carry many bottles at once? With this foldable bottle holder you can have 6 bottles at a time - itthat is smart!

    £ 7.50
  10. Ice shot glasses 4x
    In stock

    Shot glasses made of ice. This ice cube tray for 4x shot glasses is genius. It is both fun and smart. Ice cold shots is the way to go.

    £ 6.50
  11. Dry ice shot glass 10x
    In stock

    Now you can drink dry ice shot! Buy your own shots glasses now and make the coolest shot for the party! Buy now and make your shot a little bit more interesting.</p

    £ 45.90
  12. 9
    Viking Shot Bong
    In stock

    Shots should be downed through a Viking Shot Bong. It has never been easier to drink shots. - World's leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 22.90
    £ 20.90
  13. Beer shotgun keychain gold
    In stock

    This cool shotgun keychain is a deluxe version of our classic shotgun shooter, but it's still easy to carry with you, so you'll always be prepared for a quick beer or to challenge your friends.

    £ 6.50
  14. 18
    Beer Shotgun Keychain
    In stock

    This cool Shotgun keychain is easy to bring along because of its size. Put it in your key bundle and you will always be ready for a quick beer or to challenge your friends. 

    £ 5.50
    £ 4.50
  15. NEWS
    Necklace shotsglas 6x
    Available on 30. Sep

    A nice shotsglas that can be rought on the go in a convenient necklace. 

    £ 11.90
  16. 48
    Skull head bottle + 2x shot glasses
    In stock

    Skull head bottle + 2x matching skull head shot glasses. It is for those who want to store the alcohol a little more sophisticated than the neighbor, and at the same time to drink it from a cool skull head.

    £ 28.90
    £ 14.90
  17. Skull Shot Glass 2x
    In stock

    Dare to be different! No matter the occasion these cool skull shot glasses are the perfect addition. They spice up the party, makes it scary and can hold 4 cl! 

    £ 4.50
  18. Ring Bottle Opener
    In stock

    Your unique possibility of having a bottle opener close by all the time! The perfect accessory for opening bottles quick and easy!

    £ 2.50
  19. Viking Beer Bong 100 cm
    In stock

    As every other good things that are made, a number two is a must! The Classic Beer Bong but in 100 cm. World’s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 29.90
  20. Viking Extreme beer bong 67 cm ®
    In stock

    This Beer Bong is best suited for people who want to cut down the drinking time and wish to win every competition - World’s leading Beer Bong supplier!

    £ 30.90


The kickoff of a new schoolyear always needs to be on point to get the best possible beginning of the new year! A great way to make sure that the party will not be an average Friday night with the friends is to make sure there will be plenty of entertainment in form of different party supplies! We offer a wide range of cheap party supplies such as the beer pong set or our viking beer bong.  The pool beer pong is also genius to bring if the weather allows you to have the party by the pool, beach or lake!

Challenge some of the other classes to an epic water fight and show them that your class is better! For this you will need some good quality waterguns to win the big battle. If you are feeling like something more chill but still festive, you can fill the mini water guns with your favorite liquor and consume them in a funnier way.


Get the good vibes going at your party with the most festive decorations. Pop the gold confetti cannon in an XL edition and impress all of your friends! Maybe the winner of all of the drinking games should have the honor of getting the shower in gold confetti to mark that he or she truly is the number one!

Another way you could decorate your party could be with streamers to hang from the ceiling and on the walls as well as tables. It is defiantly the easier way to make your party look very festive. A great possibility for the lazy host.

You can also find your back-to-school party costume in our costume selection with different categories such as everyday heroes or historical costumes. Or if you are feeling brave get our funny borat mankini, that will give you all the attention you want!


The day has come where you must go back to school, vacation is over, and it is once again time to start your studies. But let us not forget to enter the normal weekday with an awesome back-to-school party!