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Rent Reaction Game freeplay/payment

Package contains: Reaction game

This machine 'Crazy Light' is a fun and challenging reaction game where you have to be quicker than your opponent. The machine has a coin insert and a freeplay function.

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More Information

Name Rent Reaction Game freeplay/payment
Contains Reaction game
Material Steel & fiberglass
Size 87x 127 x 79 cm - weight 78 kg
Specifications Comes with either Freeplay or Payment function. prepares the machine for you, so you only need to plug it in
OBS! This product cost 180 pund for delivery back and forth
Category Amusement machines

Crazy Light reaction game is a fun and challenging game that tests you and your friends' reactions. You have to switch off the lights on the buttons before your opponent - the one who turns off must buttons on the given time is the winner.


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  • Incomes are divided 50/50
  • Includes service, maintance and reliability

Crazy Light is ideal for bars, nightclubs, city parties, events etc. The machine attracts attention and is therefore ideal for bringing it to different events as it will attract a lot of people.