Dart has never gone out of fashion! We have everything you need for your Dart game and the best prices! We offer everything for your professional dart board set up such as a dart board set, an electric dartboard and dart arrows.

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  1. Darts UK-Flag 3x
    In stock

    Classic Darts in great quality! The 3 Darts comes in nice quality that makes the durable – the good and safe solution.

    £ 7.50
  2. Darts gold/black 3x
    In stock

    Here you get the classic dart arrow in the best quality. the 3 arrows comes in a delicious box, so you always can have you arrows with you. The good and safe solution.

    £ 10.90
  3. Darts Deluxe 23 grams 3x
    In stock

    The perfect dartset for your next home tournament among friends and family. 

    £ 16.90
  4. Darts 90% Tungsten 21 g Deluxe 3x
    In stock

    The perfect darts set for you and your friends next tournament.

    £ 44.90
  5. Dartboard set with 6x Darts
    In stock

    Dart - The classic pub game! The game that is for everyone no matter age or sex. Buy it now and get ready for the next dart tournament.

    £ 31.90
  6. Nodor Supamatch ll
    In stock

    Choose this dartboard if you want to play high quality dart with internal grid. The classic pub game which is fun no matter age or sex. 

    £ 56.90
    Dart cabinet incl. Dartboard
    In stock

    Are you in need of a quality wooden Dart cabinet, this is the place to be. Beside the cabinet, you get XQ Max Dartboard, 6x darts and 2x scoreboards

    £ 84.90
  8. Dart Board Protector Deluxe Black
    In stock

    A protective ring is almost indispensable for you who plays Dart indoor. A clever ring that can prevent the worst holes around the dartboard.

    £ 38.90
  9. Dart board Protector deluxe red
    In stock

    Protective Ring Deluxe - A red foam ring for your dartboard in top quality. With the round design it captures more arrows than the square version.

    £ 38.90
  10. Dartboard protector carpet
    In stock

    This Karelia floor mat is a must-have if you like to play darts indoors. It protects the ground for marks from the darts, if someone misses the target.

    £ 56.90
    Electronic Dartboard
    In stock

    This Electronical Dartboard will take care of the score -  so no more cheating or excuses about cheating.

    £ 59.90
  12. Shots darts
    Available on 26. Oct

    This game is a fun game, for a fun night. A game full of challenges whether you hit the board or not! 

    £ 17.90
    XXL Inflatable Football Darts 75X71 Inches
    Available on 28. Oct

    Do you want to practice the precision of your kick, or do you already have an exceptional technique to show off? Then you have found the right product here. Challenge your friends!

    £ 226.90
    £ 169.90


Dart is a game known from the English Pubs and it is a game that goes great with Beer. A few years ago, even professional players used to drink during games. Dart has become a game that attracts thousands of people wearing costumes, singing and drinking tons of Beers, a BIG Party! Find dart and all the necessary supplies at this page.

If you want the best quality, you can get a Nodor Supamatch II Dartboard which is top-class. This board will give you the professional feeling with an internal grid which is in high quality. With this, the risk of hitting the inner grid is minimalized. If you feel like having a dartboard with cabinet this is also an option. Also, you cannot play a real game of Dart without arrows and of course you can get them in good quality at this site. 


If you do not trust your friends aiming skills, you can get a Mat that will protect the floor against marks. The mat does not only protect the floor, but also indicates the 237 cm with a yellow stripe, so you can put your own marks on the floor. If you do not want to risk getting any holes in the floor or wall, we would suggest an electric dart board, that also will keep the score for you while playing.

You can also get a Protection Ring, protecting the wall against marks, if anyone should miss the dartboard. This is a foam ring that surrounds the dartboard, and thereby catches all the unfortunate darts that would miss the board. The protection ring is to be found in red and black.

With full protection of your walls and floors, you are ready to become the new master of darts, and you can plan tournaments for all of your friends. Also, for the ones that cannot hit the board! 

If you are to throw a Party and play a game of Dart, you can buy 3 Plastic Flights that will make sure the game will last the whole night. Even though it is not the same as playing with normal shafts and feathers, they will do the job – a great solution for the Party.


You play the game by throwing darts at the Dartboard and you must go from 501 points to exactly 0 – the last arrow must hit a double or Bullseye. The rings between Bulls and the outer Rings are Triple, giving three times the value. Hereby, the maximum value in one round is 180 points. If you want to play by the official rules, the centre of the Board must be 173 cm above the floor and 237 cm away from you. So, if you want the precise dart board measures at home, you now know exactly how far to stand from the dart board.