Historical costumes


Are you attending or maybe arranging a party with time travel as a theme? Then we have the perfect and authentic historical costumes, so you can dress up like one of the most unique, powerful and influential historical figures.


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  1. Viking Costume Women
    In stock

    Complete viking costume for women - with this costume everyone will be convinced that you are a real viking - PartyVikings provides all the right equipment! 

    £ 44.90
  2. Viking Costume men
    In stock

    If you always wanted to be a true Danish Viking then you have come to the right web shop.

    £ 47.90
  3. Viking Wig & Beard
    Available on 29. Sep

    Viking Wig with beard and moustache. For those of you who want to go all the way this year, and win the price for "best costume". Become a real viking with this beard and moustache.

    £ 16.90
  4. Viking Sword
    In stock

    A classic and stylish viking swords, that is perfect for the next costume party! Buy here!

    £ 16.90
  5. Indian Woman Costume
    In stock

    Indian Woman costume with suede-look style. With this fantastic outfit gets you all the way to the top!

    £ 31.90
  6. Toga Costume Women
    In stock

    Toga costume for women which will make you look devine at the next big theme party or carnival! 

    £ 28.90
  7. Toga Costume Men
    In stock

    Toga costume including a neat toga and a braicelet is a great costume option for the next big theme party! 

    £ 27.90
  8. Cowgirl Costume
    In stock

    Cowgirl Costume with dress and belt with holsters - a fun costume for the next theme party which will make you look like a proper cowgirl! 

    £ 26.90
  9. Cowboy Costume
    In stock

    Cowboy Costume is a cool costume for the next theme party, halloween or carnival! Look like a proper cowboy with this costume. 

    £ 27.90
  10. Pirate Costume Men
    In stock

    Release your inner pirat and go plunder dressed like a real pirat! A perfect costume for theme parties, costume parties and other festive occasions! 

    £ 28.90


A theme party where you are allowed to dress up like one of the admirable historical figures - Yes please! Theme parties are great, but it is absolutely we dont want to spend a lot of time on finding the perfect outfit everytime. Therefore, you will find some easy ideas right here on this site. 

The first idea is a Viking costume for adults. On this site you will find a Viking costume for males as a complete set and a Viking outfit for females as a complete set as well. 

Are the time travelling going back to the Wild West, then the second idea is a cowboy costume and a cowgirl costume. Also, in this particular category, we offer you a fancy Indian dress for adults. 

If you instead want to travel back to the ancient Greece, we can help you with this as well. Therefore, the third and last idea is a toga costume. Now you can relive how it was to live in this age with a toga costume for males and a toga costume for females


Do you need some ideas for what to dress up like for Halloween, then the historical figures costumes can be used for this as well. Just choose one of the scarier ones. For example, a pirate costume is here obvious. But also, the Viking costume for both girls and men are a great idea. 

Only you get to choose, but you will find some great ideas right here on the site.