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Willy Beer Bong Bottles

Package contains: Beer bong boobie design

The Willy Beer Bong is an extremely fun gadget to the party. Smack the willy on a bottle head and BOOM! - The beer / cider is gone. Perfect object as a fun gift or feature for the party. - World's leading Beer Bong supplier!

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More Information

Name Willy Beer Bong Bottles
Contains Beer bong boobie design
Material Soft plastic
Specifications Fits all bottles (330 ml)
Category Beer Bong


  • Buy this Willy Beer Bong
  • Open the bottle and plug the hose into the opening
  • Press the Beer Bong on the top of the bottle
  • Place your finger on the tube from the Beer Bong
  • Rise the Beer Bong and beer up to the mouth and release the hose

Buy your own Willy Beer Bong now.

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