Beer Pong tables and sets

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  1. Mini Red Cups 20x
    In stock

    Mini Red Cups – The perfect shots glass for the party or as cups for a game of Mini Beer Pong if a new challenge is needed! Get them here at Europe's leading supplier of Beer Pong. 

  2. Air Pong set
    In stock

    Air Pong is a new Way of playing Beer Pong – you aim for Cups hanging on a vertical Game Board.

    £ 17.90
  3. Your Design - Beer Pong Trophy
    In stock

    You can now design your own Beer Pong trophy for your next tournament. Choose exactly what kind of text you want on your trophy so it becomes unique.

    £ 41.90
  4. Beer Pong Trophy
    In stock

    Beer Pong Trophy in cool design! Fits perfect to the Beer Pong tournament. Order your Trophy now and be ready for the next tournament.

    £ 27.90
  5. 25
    Pool Beer Pong Deluxe
    In stock

    Pool Beer Pong Deluxe is the Deluxe version of our Pool Beer Pong! - Take Beer Pong into the water. There is a cooler for the drinks and then you are ready for at hot game in the water!

    £ 39.90
    £ 29.90
  6. 19
    Prosecco vs. Beer Pong
    In stock

    Ladies Beer Pong - Exchange the beer with bobles! The perfect kit for a Girls Night Out! Fill your glasses with prosecco and pink Beer Pong balls. 

    £ 15.90
    £ 12.90
    Beer Pong Golf Kit
    In stock

    Beer Bong Golf is a genius game for every party! It's ideal when different challenges or prizes are on the line! PartyVikings is the exclusive retailer of this product in all of Europe. 

    £ 109.90
    £ 76.90
  8. 30
    Beer Pong Christmas Jumper
    In stock

    If you love christmas jumpers and beer pong then this jumper is the one for you! This fun beer pong christmas jumper with attachable cups will make the fun last all night! 

    £ 39.90
    £ 27.90
    In stock

    SplitT-Pong is the new challenging game for the pool and sea! Brilliant game you can't do without for the summer - also perfect for Beer Pong! .

    £ 204.90
  10. Beer Pong Hat Game
    In stock

    This version of the classic Beer Bong is a fun alternative which insures hours of fun! Are you the king of playing Beer Bong then try this game and be challenged yet again! 

    £ 16.90
  11. XXXL Beer Pong
    In stock

    Do you want a different version of the classic Beer Pong, or do you need an alternative to caring the Beer Pong Table everywhere - this XXXL Beer Pong is the perfect choise! A keen eye is needed for this game, as you have to hit inside the opponent's buckets. 

    £ 39.90
  12. Head Basketball
    Available on 1. Mar

    Find out who can hit most balls in the basket with this cool version of baskeball. A fun game that definitely will make everyone laugh and have a good time. 

    £ 7.90
    Blue Cups 1000x
    In stock

    Blue cups with a SOLO-design for your next Beer Pong game. are the leading supplier of blue and red cups, and our cups comes with a discount when being bought in big amounts. 

    £ 114.90
    Red Cups 1000x
    In stock

    0.47 cl Red Cups med a SOLO-design. are the leading supplier of blue and red cups and makes sure nothing is missing from your next big party! 

    £ 114.90
    0,4 l. Beer Cups 1000x
    In stock

    0,4 l. Beer Cups for your next party! Beer cups are essential for any celebratory occasion - no question! Make sure to never run out with this purchase. 

    £ 209.90
    £ 184.90
    25 cl Blue Paper Cups 2500x
    In stock

    Blue paper cups for your next big party! Running out isn't an option with paper cups and with this purchase you will always be ready!  

    £ 469.90
    £ 409.90
    25 cl Red Paper Cups 2500x
    In stock

    Paper cups for your next big party! With these 25 cl red paper cups all your quests will always have a drink in their hands! 

    £ 469.90
    £ 409.90
  18. 22
    25 cl Blue Paper Cups 40x
    In stock

    These blue paper cups are the perfect and sustainable alternative to the classic red/blue cups. Don't hesistate to purchase these if you want a sustainable choice for your party. 

    £ 8.90
    £ 6.90
  19. 22
    25 cl Red Paper Cups 40x
    In stock

    These red paper cups are the perfect and sustainable alternative to the classic red/blue cups. Don't hesistate to purchase these if you want a sustainable choice for your party. 

    £ 8.90
    £ 6.90
  20. 33
    Beer Pong Balls 150x
    In stock

    Beer Pong Balls for your next big Beer Pong tournament. You will always be ready with this purchase!

    £ 29.90
    £ 19.90


The American game of Beer Pong has arrived in the UK and is more popular than ever. It is primarily played during parties, most noticeable at college parties, Christmas parties, and on New Year’s Eve. 

To play the game it is important to have a folding beer pong table for easy transportation, several cups, and some ping pong balls to play the game. 

Here, you can buy all the essentials for a great party game online. You will find sturdy and cheap beer pong tables so you always have a table at hand when your friends and you want to play a game of Beer Pong. 

Once purchased, you always will be ready to play a game of Beer Pong no matter where you are. 


You can buy your own beer pong table to bring to the next party. Our tables are very popular, which we also can see by the level of demand from our customers.

Our tables are produced in amazing quality. You can adjust the height and fold your table, so it is easy to bring along to your next party. In addition, the tables are very convenient, because they are made of special water-repellent material. This makes the tables hard-wearing towards the different kinds of sticky alcohol spilled on them.

Even though our tables are of top-notch quality, this does not reflect on the price. Our beer pong tables are cheap, which makes them very popular amongst young people, who cannot afford expensive beer pong tables. So if you want a high-quality beer pong table at an affordable price, then look no further!


We also have custom beer pong tables for sale. With a custom table, you have the opportunity to personalize your new table to your liking. 

You are guaranteed great attention with your newly designed beer pong table when arriving at the party. Do you want a table with your name? Perhaps you want a table with a picture of your college? Or of your friends. The possibilities are endless when designing your table on our website. 


You will find a vast selection of what you will need to establish a game of beer pong. We have the famous blue and red cups and ping pong balls to start a tournament.

Do you want to try something different? Then take a look at our alternative beer pong products, which includes pool beer pong, beer pong basket - and even a game of prosecco pong.


We have a great range of beer pong table designs to your next party - produced in the best material available on the market to the best price imaginable. Here, you will also find the necessary accessories including cups and ping pong balls.