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PartyVikings invites you to welcome to widest range of party gadgets in UK for you to elate the atmosphere

We want to make the world a more fun place

We are a trendspotter of all the newest, funniest and coolest party gadgets on the market. With focus on our Social Media, we inspire all our customers on how to make their party even more fun. By means of major purchases we make it possible to sell new and exciting products of the highest quality for our customers. At the same time, we provide a close and secure customer journey.

Here at PartyVikings we take all of our customers very seriously, so every time you shop at PartyVikings you get a fantastic experience. The foundation stones in this company are trust, quality service and innovation.

The history about PartyVikings
The adventure started the 21st of may 2006, when two brothers, David and Joachim Enggaard, started the development of the batch of the Viking Beer Bongs, which is the front-runner today.

At this time, the concept Beer Bong did not exist. Therefore, we can proudly say that we have invented both the concept and the actual product. And after several years of development, testing and marketing in the festival environment, the concept Beer Bong got more and more popular.

In 2010 we started the online sale of our private label, Beer Bongs, and in 2012 the first company got founded. At the same time, we started selling other party gadgets as well.

In 2015 this website, partyvikings.co.uk and the German website, partyvikings.de got founded. At this time, the whole project got even more serious, when the concept dissipated to bars and night clubs as well.

In 2019 Joachim Enggaard followed his goal of making the world a more fun place to be in full time. Everyday him and the rest of the team work very hard to achieve this.

Everyone aboard is very dedicated and is we are looking forward to each new day, so we can help make the world a more fun place to be. Every one of us are extremely grateful that so many of you out there want to support our goal.

In 2021 we bring focus on internationalization, and we are looking forward to helping even more people to make the world a more fun place to be :)

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