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Package contains: 10 Kubbs, 1 king, 6 throwing sticks and 4 Corner sticks

KUBB BEX Family is the ultimate fun outdoor game for the entire family! This will keep you occupied all summer! 

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Name KUBB BEX Family
Contains 10 Kubbs, 1 king, 6 throwing sticks and 4 Corner sticks
Material Oven dried pine tree
Size Different sizes
Specifications Number of players: 2-8
Category Garden Party


  • Hit, Rock, Scissor, Paper to see who start
  • Throw all 6 throwing sticks and eliminate the opponents 5 KUBBs
  • When you hit a KUBB, the opponents must throw it over the middle
  • The opponents must hit this KUBB first before throwing the others
  • If they miss all throws, your team are allowed to throw from there
  • That is a huge advantage, because you came 2 or 3 meter closer
  • When all the KUBBs are eliminated, then the King is the next target
  • If you throw after the King, it should be hit in the same round or you lose

The game with many exciting hours and challenging entertainment. Invite friends and family to some fun in the garden or take the game with you at the beach.´s KUBB game is from BEX and is the best quality!

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