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    Festival Package Deluxe
    In stock

    Festival Package Deluxe - Boom! This is the ultimate must-have package when attending a festival! The party will last forever! 

    £ 499.90
    £ 324.90
    Garden Party Package
    In stock

    The ultimate garden party package which will ensure hours of fun! Create your own festival atmosphere with a beer in your hand, when cracking upen the many activities and get ready to laugh all day! No summer is complete without a garden party package! 

    £ 319.90
    £ 209.90
    Stay Home Package
    In stock

    The stay home package provides the right mood and hours of fun at home. Use the package at parties or on a regular week day with your friends. You don't have to go out when having this package!

    £ 184.90
    £ 114.90
    2-Person Festival Package
    In stock

    This 2-person festival package is perfect for you and your buddy. This is a complete package which includes all the essentials for the upcoming festival trips! 

    £ 97.90
    £ 74.90
    4-Person Festival Package
    In stock

    This 4-person festival package is perfect for you and your friends. This is a complete package which includes all the essentials for the upcoming festival camps! 

    £ 144.90
    £ 109.90
    Glastonburry Festival Package
    In stock

    Glastonburry Festival Package - Must have for your upcoming Glastonburry Festival! Make sure your Camp is ready when the festival begins.

    £ 88.90
    £ 75.90
    iTunes Festival Package
    In stock

    The Indispensable Festival Package for your Camp. Do you need the last gadgets for the festival. Buy the perfect package now! Europe leading festival supplier!

    £ 184.90
    £ 149.90
  8. 1 Person Pop-up Tent
    In stock

    The ideal tent for any occation - from watching your children's football matches in pouring rain to a day at the beach. The tent fits one folding chair perfectly. 

    £ 35.90
  9. 2-Person Tent
    Available on 1. Mar

    Classic 2-persons tent perfect for festivals or trips with friends. The tent is easy to set up and with a price to match, this is a tent you can't live without but don't need to take home again. 

    £ 41.90
  10. 3-Person tent
    In stock

    Are you and your friends going on a festival or a camping trip this year, then this tent is a perfect match for you!

    £ 48.90
  11. Tent Pegs 10x
    In stock

    Extra tent pegs are always a good idea no matter the situation. You can never get enough tent pegs and with this pack of 10x you are sorted. 

    £ 2.90
  12. Cooling Bag Mini
    8 - 12 days

    A nice small orange cooling bag. The cooling bag keep the cold inside pretty well and can be used for all sorts of occasions.

    £ 7.90
    Underground Beer Cooler
    In stock

    Underground chilled beer is the new way. This incredible underground beer cooler is totally cool and a pure luxury piece. It can be used both in a garden at home and at a festival where the beer always gets warm.

    £ 282.90
    £ 225.90
  14. Cooling bag
    In stock

    The cooling bag is super good and easy to carry around for example on a walk to the beach or on a roadtrip.

    £ 5.50
  15. Neoprene Can Cooler
    In stock

    The Neoprene Can Cooler is indispensable in the summer. Do you know the feeling of your beer / soda / cider gets hotter and hotter? This neoprene cooler can avoid that.

    £ 8.90
  16. Can Cover
    In stock

    Conceal your beer or cider with this neat can cover which makes your friends and family believe that you are drinking a coke! 

    £ 5.50
  17. Chair With Cooler
    Available on 2. Feb

    With this chair you get functionality as well as a cooler for all your beverages, which makes this chair the perfect 2-in-1 purchase. 

    £ 23.90
  18. 25 NEWS
    Shoulder Cooler Bag
    In stock

    With our shoulder cooler bag you'll have a easy and elegant way to bring your chilled cans.

    £ 11.90
    £ 8.90
  19. Inflatable beer cooler
    In stock

    Super smart inflatable beer cooler both cools your drinks and creates a festive mood.

    £ 13.90
  20. Festival chair
    In stock

    Festival chairs are unavoidable for Concerts, Beer bowling tournaments, Festivals, Regattas and anything else.

    £ 13.90


At our webshop you can shop the whole festival list. Your camp does not want to miss out on anything at your next festival no matter if it is Edinburgh Fringe festival or one of the music festivals! The festival party games must always be a priority.

Remember that when you are buying entertainment for the camp, you can split the costs on the camp which can equal a lot of awesome stuff for less money.

What are the classic Festival must-haves? The answer is: Whatever you enjoy! Even a Beer Pong Table is a classic and this one brings hours of good entertainment.

The most important advice is that you and your camp should discuss what you want.

The right Gadgets will better your next experience! Both the festival essential kit and the more unusual festival essentials are important to have some fun and have a lot of festive festival activities.


A true necessity for you Festival experience, is of course the tent which is to be found as both a 2- and 3-person tent, and the Air mattress, which gives you safe nights - or at least you will lay down on something soft in the few hours of sleep, you will be getting. You should also remember the Festival chairs, so you are assured to always have a place to sit.

With Northern Europes history of unpredictable summer weather, we encourage to bring our Festival package! This package takes care of "boring" things like Festivals Feet, Fuck the Rain Umbrella, hand sanitizer and wipes, but also the fun gadgets. These things should not be underestimated at a festival and therefore it is highly recommended. At the same time there are also a number of more festive props in the Glastonbury festival package, because the festival is more about partying than wet wipes!

The bestselling items in our festival category are always the Viking Beer Bong series, Funnel Beer Bong variants, Megaphones and so on. The beer bongs are always a hit as a summer or fall festival game, or actually all year.

The possibilities are many, and the key is to find something that makes YOUR experience better! What is better than having the coolest Pre-party in the camp with various Gadgets to spice up the experience, and then march up to the music area to listen to the music you like?


It is time for festival, and we offer you a wide range of everything you need for you next festival such as all the perfect gadgets. Take a look on this site a find all your favourites.