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Beer Pong Set

Package contains: Beer Pong set with 2 balls, 2 fields and 24 cups in red and blue

If you want to add competitiveness to your party, but still have a lot of fun celebrating, this Beer Pong Set is the perfect solution for you! Europe´s leading Beer Pong supplier!

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Beer Pong balls 10 pcs
Blue Cups 50x -  0,47 liters
Red Cups 50x - 0,4 liter

More Information

Name Beer Pong Set
Contains Beer Pong set with 2 balls, 2 fields and 24 cups in red and blue
Material Plastic
Size 45x45x45 cm
OBS! Kan udsendes med andet logo
Category Beer Pong

The party can include a Beer Pong Tournament, which will challenge ones precision and aiming skills, while celebrating with friends.

With these, we want to give you the full experience of an American collage party. This game is not driven nor influenced by luck, but by pure precision. If you do not feel like a lucky person, the Beer Pong kit would be perfect for you, in order to demonstrate your true skills at the party and be the Beer Pong champion.

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