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BongZilla Beer Bong

Package contains: BongZilla ølbong med 8 kuglehaner
Festens samlingspunkt
BongZilla er en holdsport
Plads til 4 liter øl

BongZilla Beer Bong is a famous 6-headed Beer Bong that has newly entered the PartyVikings webshop. - World´s leading Beer Bong supplier!

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More Information

Name BongZilla Beer Bong
Contains BongZilla ølbong med 8 kuglehaner
Material Plastic and aluminium
Size 1-2 meter tall and can hold up to 4 L
Specifications Stands on foot with a telescopic rod that elevates beer container up to 2 meters. The foot can be filled with sand or water to maximize stability
OBS! Mount the funnel calmly and make sure it does not get hit
Category Beer Bong
This is a real example of a huge premium party Beer Bong, which allows you to get the beer bong drinking up to a whole new level!

Bongzilla is for those who are hosting a huge event or just joining a great party, Bongzilla is a good gadget to be used in competitions or Beer Bong tournaments. We are recommending this product to be used for garden parties and many more different occasions.

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