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Boxing Machine Combo

Package contains: Boxing- and kickingmachine

The combo boxing machine is a fun boxing and football mix which quarantees hours of fun! If you don't have the space for both a boxing and a football kick machine, then this will do the trick! 

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More Information

Name Boxing Machine Combo
Contains Boxing- and kickingmachine
Material Steel & fiberglass
Size 228x92x130 cm - weight 159 kg
Specifications Combination of boxing machine and football kick - coin insert or Freeplay function
Category Amusement machines


  • Call and talk without a tie-in at 844 704 3678 
  • Free delivery of boxing machines, no start up costs
  • Income will be split 50/50
  • Includes service, maintenance and reliability

This combo between a boxing and a football kick machine doubles the fun and the competition. Challenge your friends in either boxing or football or even both!

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