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Confetti Canon Red 50x - 40 cm

Package contains: 50 pcs. Confetti Cannons

Confetti cannons are perfect if you want to throw a big party with your friends. The cannons comes with more confetti than most confetti cannons. Get the party started here!

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Confetti Cannon Gold 50x - 40 cm
Confetti Canon Silver 50x - 40 cm

More Information

Name Confetti Canon Red 50x - 40 cm
Contains 50 pcs. Confetti Cannons
Material Plastic
Size 40 cm with 40 g confetti
Specifications Range: 5-8 m
OBS! Non-biodegradable, consider outdoor use
Category Confetti canon

Confetti cannons are perfect for almost any party. Our cannons are filled with more confetti than the regular cannons so you get good value for your money!

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