Drinking Games

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    Beer Pong Set
    In stock

    If you want to add competitiveness to your party, but still have a lot of fun celebrating, this Beer Pong Set is the perfect solution for you! Europe´s leading Beer Pong supplier!

    £ 19.90
    £ 15.90
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    Mini Shuffleboard (122x33 cm)
    In stock

    Shuffleboard Mini is a great game that is about precision and technique. In the game you have the opportunity to challenge your friends to hit the most points on the “mini” field.

    £ 48.90
    £ 38.90
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    Poker Set Deluxe
    In stock

    Poker set in stylish aluminum case. This poker set offers both top-quality and cool design inside. The Poker set you proudly show off when you meet with the lodge!

    £ 56.90
    £ 42.90
  4. Poker Tablecloth
    Available on 1. Mar

    No matter if there is money on the table or not poker is a super fun and competetive game.

    £ 30.90
  5. Mini Table Hockey Foosball Winner
    In stock

    Fun and easy game that sets the fun in motion. Who is the fastest?

    £ 13.90
  6. Twister
    Available on 1. Mar

    Everyone knows the classic game of Twister! Spin and test the flexibility of the players by making them place their hands and feet on the colourful mat. The one last standing will be the winner! 

    £ 13.90
  7. Beer Bowling Set
    Available on 1. Mar

    With this kit you ensure the whole camp's ultimate festival games. What is a summer garden party without this set?

    Buy your own beer bowling set right here

    £ 13.90
  8. Frisbee Beer Bowling
    In stock

    Frisbee beer bowling is a fun game that provides entertainment and movement. The new way to play beer bowling!

    £ 27.90
  9. KUBB BEX Family
    Available on 1. Mar

    KUBB BEX Family is the ultimate fun outdoor game for the entire family! This will keep you occupied all summer! 

    £ 22.90
  10. Adjustable Table Tennis Net
    In stock

    This Adjustable Table Tennis Net gives you the opportunity to challange your friends in a game of table tennis anywhere, anytime!

    £ 17.90
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    Dice Cup with 5 Dices
    In stock

    Dice Cup and dices have been the pre-parties’ biggest winner for centuries. Buy now a complete set at let the pre-party get started.

    £ 4.90
    £ 3.50
    As low as £ 2.40
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    Playing Cards
    In stock

    Playing Cards for Drinking Games is like saying amen in church! It belongs together and rightly so.

    £ 1.90
    £ 1.50
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    Dices 5x
    In stock

    Five white dice for various games (Meyer, Cheats, Thinking Box, Yahtzee, etc.). Or any other drinking game you can play with some dice.

    £ 2.50
    £ 1.70
    As low as £ 0.70
  14. Drunken Tower / Jenga
    Available on 1. Mar

    If you are interested in having a fun party and if you are able to control yourself when drinking, then the new Jenga game is perfect for you!

    £ 13.90
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    Jenga Giant Sized
    In stock

    Jenga Throw 'n Go Giant Sized, is the obvious choice for a gathering in the garden or similar parties.

    £ 55.90
    £ 44.90
    2x Corn hole game Bean Bag Toss
    In stock

    A must-have game when the sun is out and everyone are gathered for this years garden parties. Split into two groups and the first group to get all the bags in the hole wins. A fun and entertaining game for everyone at every age.

    £ 89.90
    £ 71.90
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    Smash Ball
    In stock

    This fun game is perfect for a day out in the sun or a trip to the beach with the friends. Anyone can join beacuse it is easy to lean, but still challenging! 

    £ 34.90
    £ 23.90
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    Party Bingo
    In stock

    It is well known that the bingo games are now invented with the sole purpose of entertaining people during events.

    £ 16.90
    £ 13.90
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    Shots Roulette
    In stock

    The Shots Roulette drinking game makes for the perfect entertainment at any party that needs it!

    £ 15.90
    £ 12.90
  20. Spin the shot
    In stock

    Do you love shots and would you like to drink them in a new and fun way? Then Spin the Shot is definitely something for you!

    £ 7.50


Have you also tried to attend a party where the mood among the people has been a little bit boring? Why not change this by bringing along some of our drinking games that definitely will get the party started. 

The first drinking game is an extended version of the classic game, Jenga. Have you ever tried Drinking Jenga? Now you have the chance. The game is comprised by 16 drinking challenges written on the 60 wooden bricks plus 4 shots glasses. 

As the alcohol intake is increasing, the game automatically becomes more fun and challenging for everyone, so this game delivers hours of fun - There are no excuses not to try it. 


What is a successful party without Beer Pong? Nothing. It is the ultimate party starter; it is so much fun, and it only gets more challenging as the opposite team hits the cups and you have to drink. So, make sure you get your own Beer Pong Table for tournaments and the associated Beer Pong Set

Play Beer Pong one against one as a drinking game for 2, or team up with your best drinking buddy and challenge two of your friends. Now you have a drinking game for 4. 

Beer Pong is a must-have at a party, and it guarantees hours of fun and a lot of drinking. What is not to like?


We all know the classic game, poker. Hours of intensely mood among the contestants. It is a lot of fun, but at suitable parties. However, poker can be suitable at every party, since poker can be a drinking game. Did you know that? Try out our Poker Set Deluxe, and change the usual Poker game to strip poker. Here you have to take off a piece of your clothing every time you lose. 

It is fun, it is exciting, and it involves alcohol!

To make sure you get all the fun, play it as a drinking game for 3 or more.


What is a party without any drinking games? Absolutely nothing. Therefore, you can find a lot of different kinds of drinking games online right here. Do you prefer drinking games with cards or drinking board games?