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Ringspil med scoretavle

Package contains: Toss the ring game board and shot glass

Challenge your friends in the toss the ring game. See who has the most precision in their throw. Take the game out into the garden in good weather, or find it out when you have a pre-party.

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Playing Cards
Plastic shotglass
Plastic shotglass
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0,4 l Beer Cups 50x

More Information

Name Ringspil med scoretavle
Contains Toss the ring game board and shot glass
Material Wood, string, metal and glass
Size 33 cm
Category Drinking Games

You play one on one. Swing the threads towards the stand and hit the hooks. Once one of the players has hit their hook, they must move the block on the game board one tooth against their competitor. The one who gets the ring the most time and gets the block moved all the way over until the competitor has won and the loser must take a shot.

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