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PartyVikings Tote bag

Package contains: Tote bag with PartyVikings logo

The PartyVikings tote bag is your new partner-in-crime! This bag will make sure that you have beers, drinks and games with you and ready for pre-parties, garden parties and festivals! 

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0,4 L. Red paper cups 50x
0,4 L. Blue paper cups 50x
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Double Bottle Beer Bong

More Information

Name PartyVikings Tote bag
Contains Tote bag with PartyVikings logo
Material Textile
Size 49x43cm
Specifications Reusable tote bag

Pop your beers, drinks, Red and Blue cups and drinking games in our cool tote bag! The tote bag is reusable and can be washed, which means it will last for a ton of crazy parties, city trips and festivals!