Graduation Party

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    Studenter pakke deluxe
    In stock

    Fantastisk Deluxe Studenterpakke der indeholder alt hvad i mangler for at fuldende jeres studenterkørsel og -fester. En god blanding af både praktiske remedier samt festlige gadgets der virkelig sætter spark i studenterugen.

    £ 909.00
    £ 448.50
    Graduation Package
    In stock

    The complete Student package for you and your classmates to ensure you one month with absolute top performance on the Party front!

    £ 134.90
  3. Banner 3x1 m
    Available on 8. Jun

    Banner 3x1 meter is the banner that is perfect for your graduation party. A white banner where you can make your own design.

    £ 45.90
  4. Banner 1,5x0,9m
    Available on 8. Jun

    High quality banner easy for hanging. This is the perfect choice of banner for any occation! 

    £ 20.90
  5. Paint Kit In Red, Blue And Black
    Available on 27. May

    This paint kit is ideal for banner decorations. The tree-coloured paint and the three paintbrushes are all you need when making fancy decorations. 

    £ 24.90
  6. 13
    Available on 27. May

    The Megaphone is a really fun gadget for many different occasions. To the festival, bachelor parties, stag party etc.

    £ 39.90
    £ 34.90
  7. String - 250 m
    Available on 24. May

    250 meter of string is perfect for hanging up your awesome banner - whether it's for your graduation party or anything else.

    £ 5.90
  8. Duct Tape 25 Meter
    In stock

    If it can't be fixed with duct tape then you haven't used enough! This sentence is a good example of how used duct tape is and this is also why duct tape is a must-have in the toolbox. 

    £ 6.90
  9. Red Carpet, 5x1 Meter
    Available on 12. Jul

    Show your quests that they are important to you and that you value their pressence with this red carpet. So roll out the this fancy party accessory and make the right entrance for your guests!

    £ 14.50
  10. Glass Dispenser With Tap 1 Gallon
    In stock

    Prepare the drinks before the party and serve them neatly in these glass dispensers.

    £ 32.90
  11. 10
    In stock

    Prepare the drinks before the party and serve them nicely in these glass dispensers.

    £ 51.90
    £ 46.90
  12. Red Honeycomb Large
    In stock

    Cozy honeycombs for the party. They are easy to set up and give a festive atmosphere.

    £ 1.90
  13. Red Honeycomb Small
    In stock

    Cozy honeycombs for the party. They are easy to set up and give a festive atmosphere.

    £ 1.50
  14. Blue Honeycomb Large
    In stock

    Cozy honeycombs for the party. They are easy to set up and give a festive atmosphere.

    £ 1.90
  15. Blue Honeycomb Small
    In stock

    Cozy honeycombs for the party. They are easy to set up and give a festive atmosphere.

    £ 1.50
  16. Blue Streamers 3x
    In stock

    These streamers are perfect for the next party. Comes in the colour of blue and will definitely light up the room. Buy today at! 

    £ 3.50
  17. Red confetti
    Available on 27. May

    The confetti is perfect for the next Valentine's Day, girl's night or student party. Decorate the tables with the confetti and create the coolest atmosphere for your guests.

    £ 2.50
  18. 10
    Red Streamers 3x
    In stock

    Red streamers are perfect for every party. Make any location fit for a party with this quick and easy decoration!

    £ 3.90
    £ 3.50
  19. Neon wire
    In stock

    Make your own neon sign with these cool neon wires! Modeling the cord according to what you want, whether it is decoration around the stairs, like a DIY neon sign or whether you want to dress up as a stick-man who can shine in the dark is entirely up to you!

    £ 9.90
  20. Balloons In Optional Color 10X
    In stock

    Festive balloons in many different colors.

    £ 1.50

You will only be a graduate once in your life time, and why not celebrate it properly this one time with a real graduation party?! The answer is simple - you must celebrate it like crazy! PartyVikings has put a Graduation party package together and furthermore added a wide variety of products, which are all designed to make your day more enjoyable. Remember if everybody in you class pays 10 Pounds each, you will be able to get all the gadgets you want from PartyVikings.

When you graduate and you are running around the streets, every single one in the city should see and especially hear that you have Graduated - Finally! In addition to this, we offer a very compact and loud megaphone with built-in recorder, police siren and a huge battery that is directly compatible to the electrical outlet. You will not get it better and furthermore it’s at the markets cheapest price.

As a Graduate, it’s important to save all of your memories from the week of your graduation! For this we have a powerbank which is perfectly suitable for keeping in your pocket or your bag and makes it a lot easier to document the whole week so you can look back at it in the future.

Some think you have to drink an entire box of beers within 24 hours, when you become a Graduate student and if you want to accomplish this, you'll never get it done without a Viking Beer Bong. Quality is needed when you should be drinking as much beer / cider in one day. The Beer Bong is therefore also a must-have for your Graduation party. As this day probably is all about alcohol, it’s fun and interesting to test the alcohol in your blood all day with a professional Alcohol Tester! Then you can check up if everyone in your class mates really are drinking their alcohol - or if they’re just cheating and pouring half of it out. In this case it’s recommended to buy the Professional Alcohol Tester as it can show the exact BAC.

When you join the various celebration parties of your classmates, it’s fun with different Drinking Games (This is something that you parents should provide for the parties). PartyVikings offers a variety of games; Spin-shot, Beer Pong, Party Bingo, Shots Roulette, Beer Bowling, Throw dice and Card Games. It is recommended to buy the Drinking Game you think would provide the most fun, and in this way get the Drinking Game implemented in your celebration! If some of the parents made “too much” of a delicious bowl, you must bring the Mobile Draft Beer as it has capacity of 3 litres of liquid. This is perfect for a Bachelor party and it has a built-in dispenser so you can easily refill drinks. Remember Red Cups here!

Most important of all is to create the best environment for a great day! PartyVikings is always ready to help with advice and guidance in the quest for the perfect Graduation party. Write or call us for inspiration if this page does not provide enough.

Gear up! Once in a lifetime

Graduation Party! To finish your Education is a great accomplishment and it should be CELEBRATED! PartyVikings has gathered a wide range of Gadgets that we guaranteed would make your Graduation Party significantly more fun. We offer everything from Beer Bongs and Beer Pong Tables to Professional Alcohol Testers and Megaphones! Its must-have for your Bachelor party!